Facilities & Safety

Emergency action tips

When an Emergency Patient Occurs

When an emergency patient occurs, contact the TA or joint labor office and take appropriate actions.

Depending on the situation, call 119 or police, and contact the TA or Joint Work Office.

Fire Prevention

The use of personal heating devices is strictly prohibited in the dormitory.

When a small heater is assembled one by one, a huge amount of power is consumed, resulting in problems in smooth power supply.

Individuals should be responsible for accidents caused by personal care. Anyone who find out fire, should contact the Life Support Team, Facilities Support Team and Security Office after the initial extinguish with a fire extinguisher located in the corridor of each floor. Also you should be familiar with the emergency evacuation map attached to each floor and evacuate without an error in case of fire or emergency

In case of fire

When a fire occurs, the first person to detect the fire should notify others that a fire has occurred, and immediately extinguish the fire by using fire extinguishers, sand or indoor fire hydrants

There are fire hydrants and fire extinguishers at each floor of the dormitory building in preparation for the fire.

In case of fire, you should contact the emergency office.

How to use the fire extinguisher

  • Remove the safety pin.
  • Turn the hose to the point of fire.
  • Grab the handle firmly.

In case of an electronic door lock malfunction

If the electronic door lock malfunctions, the battery is mostly discharged. In this case, the battery must be replaced.

If the electronic door lock is broken and stuck in the room and you cannot get out, you should contact the TA, the machine room, or the Emergency office.

When the knob of room door is broken

There may be a case where the knob is loosened and not open when the door knob is used.In this case, you should contact the TA or the Emergency Office for action

Emergency phone number
Emergency office : 033-339-5555
Administrative Office : 033-339-5683

Prevention of theft

Even though the intellectual persons live in places, big and small theft accidents happen every semester.

Even though the problem of personal privacy invasion is raised, the students themselves are hoping to install CCTV, and the CCTV is installed and operated in order to manage theft and facilities within the scope of personal privacy.

It is important to be careful not to make any uncomfortable things while you live your dormitory by managing your important own goods rather than believing CCTV.

Notes on living in the evergreen student dormitory

In the sangrok student dormitory, please observe the following in order to create an atmosphere of study and orderly living together.

  • Drinking, ranting, assault, gambling, and disturbances in the hall
  • Unauthorized movement, processing, damage or destruction of property
  • attachments or display and distribute advertisements without consultation with the Administration Office
  • use of all kinds of dangerous activities including fire such as using electric heater, Flammable substance, and bring and use other dangerous goods
  • Culinary activities in the student living room
  • Other activities that disrupt the life of other residents without observing the order in the hall