Crop Biotechnology Major

Major Course

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Education contents

Necessary theory and practice will be trained for genome analysis of major food and vegetable resources,
bioinformatics technology development andinfrastructure construction, molecular breeding
technology (MAS, GAS), gene function discovery and the development of transformants aiming at
developing and industrializing biotech seeds through genome analysis and molecular breeding of crops.

Research topics for thesis can be selected from all fields of "crop biotechnology" and there are the following detailed areas.

(1) Genome analysis of major food and vegetable resources in Korea

(2) Analysis of genomic information using bioinformatics technology and discovery of functional genes

(3) Mode of action study by functional gene crop transformation

(4) Development of MAS marker-assisted breeding) and GAS(genome-assisted breeding) technology using bioinformatics

(5) Mass digestion of molecular markers of crops through comparative genome analysis