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Green Eco Engineering is a fusion of Green Engineering and Eco Science. It is a new field of study that provides various solutions for finding out resources that will lead the future of global environment, environmental issues and energy problems.

Green Eco Engineering

Convergence & Integration Study for Dynamic Interaction
between various elements of Agricultural & Rural Enviornment.

Green eco-engineering is a fusion science that deals with the interrelationships between various elements of environment such as crops, soil, water, biomass, and energy for agriculture and rural areas. It is a discipline that develops element technology that can be applied locally as a complex technology that can be applied globally.

This major is to develop a utilization plan for various potential resources and to study the environmental and economic feasibility of resource development and utilization

Conducts a research on biofuels technology and biorefinery conversion technology to convert eco-friendly chemical products / environment purification materials to utilize organic biomass as a fossil fuel alternative resource

The green eco engineering technology of Korea is now growing at a global level and we are focusing on developing ways to integrate it with other agricultural technologies.

We have developed a mutual exchange program to transfer the engineering skills we have developed to contribute to agriculture and rural development in Southeast Asia and Africa to those local talents. At the same time, we are operating specialized courses in green eco-engineering fields such as resource, environment, energy and biomass utilization to enable domestic talented people to work in international environmental organizations.