Message from the Dean


Welcome to the SangRok Student Dormitory.


SangRok Student dormitory

Seoul National University Pyeongchang Campus, where you are active, has gathered the common wisdom of Seoul National University, Gangwon-do and Pyeongchang-gun to lead the internationalization and industrialization in the fields of agricultural life science and green bio. Since moving into the SangRok Student Dormitory, it means that you have been accompanied by Seoul National University.

The SangRok Student Dormitory consists of a Graduate Dormitory and a Family Dormitory. About 80 domestic and foreign graduate students and their families live together. Our dormitory strives to be a dormitory life by providing a variety of cultural, educational, safety, and athletic programs that can be experienced within the campus community.

HAPPY700 is a brand of Pyeongchang-gun, which means 700m above sea level is the happiest altitude. SangRok Student Dormitory will be the happiest home in life for those who are new to academics and research at Seoul National University Pyeongchang Campus. Once again, I sincerely welcome you to accompany Seoul National University Pyeongchang Campus through the SangRok Student Dormitory.

Dean from the SangRok Student Dormitory of Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology,
Seoul National University