Message from the Dean






We will make the Sangnok Student Dormitory a happy and pleasant home.


SangNok Student dormitory

Dear students,

The Sangnok Student Dormitory is the home for students enrolling in the Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology at Seoul National University Pyeongchang Campus. It is a living space where you start and end your daily life and a community space where you can interact with other students. Sangnok Student Dormitory is your space. We will create it as a resting space for all of you who are devoted to study and research while discussing and contemplating with you so that there is no inconvenience. We will also make it the happiest and most enjoyable home on the Pyeongchang Campus. Once again, welcome to the Sangnok Student Dormitory


Jin-Ho Kang

Director of Sangnok Student Dormitory,
Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology,
Seoul National University