Internet Use

Guide on using the Internet for SangRok Student Dormitory

Double room

2 IPs will be provided for each double room to use personally

Family living room

1 IP will be provided

Additional use of IP

Additional use of IP should be applied by downloading application form from the archived room

Note on Internet Use

  • Change of responsible person, contact person, place of use, application information, etc. must be reported.
  • This is a private static IP address so it is not externally recognizable IP.
  • When there are dangerous elements in the campus network, IP address may be blocked due to IP conflict, excessive traffic, worm virus or external attack.
  • In the event of an IP address conflict, please contact your computer representative (5621) for action.
  • If a static IP address is illegally used, it will be blocked for that IP and host (PC) immediately upon detection.
  • Pyeongchang campus is PC in terms of IP policy. Please apply personally due to office equipment and servers are separated into separate IP classes.

Note on purchasing wireless (Wi-Fi) router

Please use the wireless (Wi-Fi) router and HUB after contact to the computer contact person.