Food Biotechnology Major

Major Course

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Educational contents

Educational contents: We link primary industries such as fermentation of agricultural products and
high-tech processing of biotransformation with secondary industries such as developed processed
foods utilizing bio-health food materials and creating global brands and then educate theoretical and
practical training to produce prototype through pilot system.

In-depth education is taught in parallel with theory and practice in the next laboratory.

Functional Food Materials & Fermentation Lab

Scientific understanding and validation of natural functional materials in the field of agronomic industry based on knowledge of basic and application fields of microorganisms, fermentation, enzymes, functional food materials and microbial genomics. It educates the theory and practice to develop and utilize as national health safety functional food material, new functional medicine and cosmetic material.

Food Material Engineering Lab

 food colloids and interfaces, probiotics encapsulation, food biopolymer engineering, food particle engineering.

Food Microbiology & Biomaterials Lab   

Theory and practice for researches on the therapeutic level of probiotic material and disease-related intestinal microflora by applying molecular biology and microbiology metabolism engineering technology and mass production and industrialization of food and pharmaceutical materials through the control of dietary based food microbial metabolic circuits.