International Agricultural Development Cooperation Major

Major courses

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Educational contents

Based on the basic knowledge of various agricultural technologies, the theoretical learning
of agricultural development and cooperation from the viewpoint of economics and politics is
carried out. Based on this, it is the study area where interpreting international agricultural
development cooperation activities and how to apply related knowledge in the field.
The ultimate goal is to nurture the expertise of agricultural sector development cooperation at the international level, thereby laying the foundation for Korea to lead international development issues.

In-depth courses

First, we‘ll study economic and policy theories to understand international agricultural development and cooperation and Agricultural production, market structure and pricing, performance evaluation, agricultural development cooperation strategy, international agreements, etc
second, study how to collect data on various agricultural activities and policies and how to analyze the collected data in depth. Third,
through lectures and discussions, we will define, interpret and find alternatives on agricultural cooperation issues in each country and
finally, we learn how international cooperation in agriculture development is carried out in domestic and overseas field through internship process.

Research theses for Master‘s degree are

(1) Agriculture and economic development

(2) Effectiveness of agricultural development cooperation

(3) Agricultural products trade and economic growth in developing countries

(4) Trade aid and development cooperation in agricultural sector

(5) Overseas Remittance and Development Cooperation

(6) Survey on Consumer awareness of aid

(7) Agricultural development policy instruments

(8) Discussions on agricultural development policy

(9) Bilateral or multilateral cooperation system for agricultural development

(10) Global governance for agricultural development cooperation

(11) Climate change and agricultural productivity

(12) Consumers preference for agricultural