Applied Animal Science Major

Course Contents

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In the modern sense, broad-based animal husbandry is based on basic biological knowledge
that explores the mechanism of life phenomenon beyond traditional animal husbandry and specification
and based on high-quality animal protein food to provide economic and efficient livestock production
technology, animal life. It is applied study to study high value added animal resource development
technology using engineering technique.

The detailed curriculum includes the development of high-quality dairy products, technology development of meat products and egg products, research and application techniques on probiotics and intestinal microflora, Production technology of economic and efficient economic cattle (including cattle, cow, poultry), Grassland ecology research and forage production and utilization technology to realize eco-friendly livestock production, biomaterials and biotechnology research and its application technology to produce healthy livestock specifications and functional livestock products, Genetic recombination and genomic modulation techniques for the development of high value-added animal resources as future source technologies, as well as preventive veterinary research for the prevention of animal welfare and livestock diseases, Study of disease physiology using primate.

Research topics for thesis on master degree are

(1) Research on fermentation processing of livestock products such as milk, meat, and eggs

(2) Interactions between intestinal microorganisms and hosts such as probiotics

(3) Animal nutrition and specification system research

(4) Grassland Ecology and Forage Research

(5) Research of high-functional animal biomaterials

(6) Research of Immunomodulation and feed additive

(7) Genome control research

(8) Research of special laboratory animals and experimental animals

(9) Research on the function and control of causative genes related to economic traits and metabolic diseases

(10) research on disease physiology using primates.