Mi Sun Park Associate Professor

International Agricultural Development and Cooperation

Forest Policy


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Technology Transfer



  • B.S. Department of Forest Resources, Seoul National University
  • M.A. Interdisciplinary Program in Environmental Education, Seoul National University
  • Ph.D. Institute of Forest Policy and Nature Conservation, Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, Georg-August-University Gottingen (Germany)

Professional Experiences

  • Assistant Professor, Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology, Seoul National University, 2017. 09 - present
  • Research Fellow, Earth System Governance Project, 2017. 02 - present(
  • Scoping Expert, IPBES(Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) - Sustainable Use and Conservation of Biodiversity, 2016. 06 - present
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Forestry and Landscape Architecture, Konkuk University, 2016. 03 - 2017. 08
  • Research Professor, Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University, 2012. 08 - 2014. 07
  • Researcher. Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University, 2010. 06 - 2012. 07
  • Research Associate, Research Institute for Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University, 2007. 06 - 2010. 05

Society Memberships

  • International Union for Forest Research Organizations(IUFRO) Division 9 Forest Policy and Economics
  • Overseas Agricultural and Forest Resources Development Deliberative Council (Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Republic of Korea)
  • Korea Forest Society
  • Korea Forest Economics Society
  • Korea Environmental Policy and Administration Society
  • Korean Association for Survey Research

Research Interests

  • International Agricultural and Forest Policy(국제농림정책)
  • International cooperation strategies in agriculture and forestry(국제농림협력전략)
  • International governance and regime in agriculture and forestry(글로벌농림거버넌스)
  • Agricultural and forest development policy instruments(농림개발정책수단)
  • International communication and discourse in agriculture and forestry(국제농림커뮤니케이션과 담론)
  • Inter-Korean cooperation for agricultural and forest development(남북농림개발협력)


  • [Graduate]
  • Aid and International Agricultural Development (원조와 국제농업개발)
  • A Seminar on International Agricultural Policy(국제농업정책세미나)
  • Global Governance for Agricultural and Forest Development (국제농림업개발거버넌스)
  • International Agricultural and Forest Development Policy Analysis (국제농림업개발정책분석)