Message from the Dean

This is the Dean at Evergreen Dormitory of Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology.

This is the only 100% space available in Korea and welcome future talents who want to cultivate personality and scholarship within the community

Evergreen dormitory, the only place where 100% to occupy in Korea

A 5-minute walk on flower road from evergreen dormitories to your own lab every morning and a 5-minute walk back to your dormitory with your research results filled in your head will be remembered as the most brilliant time in your life.

In addition, we are confident that it is the best facility with the natural environment of Pyeongchang and safety and comfort space as it is the only 100% available residential space in Korea.Evergreen dormitory of Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology at Seoul National University welcomes future talents who wish to cultivate humanity and scholarship within the community.

Dean from the Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology, Seoul National University